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Covid-19: China’s pet industry gets back to work

According to the first-hand information from CIPS, the whole pet industry is rolling back to normal production gradually. Most factories are meanwhile back to the normal production. Of course, with a policy of disinfection and personal protection, to avoid that the virus comes back, all is measured tightly.

The Corona virus have had a serious impact on the pet industry. 75% of the Chinese exhibitors failed to make the trip to Global Pet Expo (GPE) this February in Orlando.

However, with the situation returning back to normal in China, the international pet fairs are back on track. Pet Fair Beijing, which has been postponed in February, will be taking place from June 19 – June 21. Also, Pet Fair Shanghai will be taking place as initially scheduled in August. Pet Fair South East Asia, the regional expansion into South East Asia by the Pet Fair Platform, will be taking place from October 14 – 16 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Source: Global Pets


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