Next Generation Petfood

14 October 2020


An afternoon session with Mr. Jacques Boshoff of Thai Union Manufacturing Co., Ltd. focusing on Ideas, Micro-macro market trends, and Leading. Shows world trend and leads to world pet food direction and nutrition platform, understanding macro and micro market trend and how they are influencing innovation efforts. 

In the last few years we have seen an escalation and intensification in certain pet food trends. Trends are powerful tools and understanding the trends and their impact is at the core of innovation process. Especially some of the micro trends could help us explain some of the changes we are seeing that otherwise would not seem to make sense. 

We have and will continue to study these trends so we can use them to detect patterns and opportunities that will enable us to create concepts, products, and narratives for our customers and their brands and also to combine ideas that seem to be unrelated, into something new


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What to expect

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