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The Pet Industry of the Future in South-East Asia VNU is building bridges to bring a world-class exhibition to Bangkok

Retail in ASEAN gets a big boost as two leading organizers team up

Pet Fair SEA new date

Retail in ASEAN gets big boost as two leading organizers team up


Two leading organizers, turning crisis into opportunity, join forces to enhance retail industry in Southeast Asia, and announce today collaboration of their retail shows which are co-located together in one roof to bring about maximum benefits to retail industry in the region and to all stakeholders.

The joint announcement was made by Mr Manuel Madani, Project Manager of VNU Asia Pacific and Mr Kavin Kittiboonya, Managing Director of Kavin Intertrade Co. The two co-located shows are Pet Fair SEA Networks, the world’s largest pet show, and the 5th edition of ASEAN Retail 2020, Thailand’s biggest retail show. The two shows will be organized on October 14-16, 2020 (17th for ASEAN Retail) at BITEC, Bangkok.


Asia-Pacific accounts to more than 50% of World’s population and largest retail market in world, average 20% of GDP among countries in ASEAN. Key factors in the growth of retail industry are robust economic growth, rising population, changing consumer trends, rising purchasing power and penetration of international players. Retail industry in the Asia-Pacific region will expand at a CAGR of 10.2% in the nearly future.

The retail landscape is on rapid change driven by technology and IOT including disruption of technology, transition of offline to online market place and number of new players. The pet industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. The retail focus is key for further developments. Both communities by the 2 trade-fairs create synergy but as well opportunity to venture into the retail industry.


Mr. Manuel Madani said that “Retailers have the last but most important part of the Customer Journey for brands and products. It’s one of the most important stage before brands and products reach the consumers. So crucial that the retailers need to have the right tools, create the right experience and be profitable. ASEAN Retail offers the right tools and Pet Fair SEA is highly lucrative and the fastest growing industry in Asia. Venturing in the pet retail may lead to new concepts like Pet Smart in the USA and FRESHNAP in Europe. Highly competitive concepts that changes the industry.”

Mr. Kavin Kittiboonya said “the synergy between two organizers will open a new sky for other exhibition organizers for future collaboration. Both shows complement each other and will give a big boost to the US 20 billion retail industry in this fast growing economic region, especially all stakeholders, from exhibitors, visitors, associations.  Visitors of both shows can expect to walk across the other show of different profiles in one roof and at one time. Meanwhile, exhibitors of both shows can expect to see more quality buyers/visitors to be attracted by both shows”.

ASEAN Retail incorporates three key profiles, include shop design, fittings and storage; booming e-commerce and internet, marketing; and retail technology.


Pet Fair SEA  will be organized during October 14-16, 2020 and ASEAN Retail will be held on 14-17 October 2020. Both tradeshows are located at BITEC, Bangkok. 

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About VNU Asia Pacific

VNU Asia Pacific is part of VNU Group, a globally operating exhibition company with offices in Utrecht, Shanghai as well as in Bangkok, and consolidates the international exhibition business of Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs. In South East Asia, Jaarbeurs has formed a Joint Venture with the TCC Group, a leading corporate conglomerate in the fast-growing region. From its business hub located in Bangkok, VNU Asia Pacific covers all key exhibition markets in South East Asia. VNU Asia Pacific has a constantly expanding portfolio with currently 12 trade shows and event formats including brands from the AgriTech, Animal Husbandry, Animal Companion, Food, Life Sciences and Biotechnology industries.

Royal Jaarbeurs belongs to the top 20 exhibition organizers by revenue worldwide and operates a 100.000 square meter exhibition center in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands. In the coming years, the company is going to invest 300 Million Euro into further expansions of its exhibition centre to continue to meet the highest technology and sustainability standards. The Asian counterpart, TCC Group, headquartered in Thailand is one of South East Asia’s leading conglomerates and most recognized corporations. TCC Group employs 60,000 employees and has an extensive service and real estate portfolio. One of its real estate highlights is the premier exhibition and conference venue in the heart of Bangkok. The Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre (QSNCC) is currently being newly built and scheduled to re-open at the end of 2022.

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About Kavin Intertrade Co., Ltd.

Founded two decades ago, Kavin Intertrade is a leading Bangkok based trade show organizer, specializing exhibition portfolios in Franchise, Coffee & Tea, Food & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality Services, Retail, Logistics & Warehouse, Pub &Bar sectors. Kavin Intertrade has currently established 9 premium tradeshows annually as leading market place for Southeast Asia such as ASEAN Retail, Pub & Bar Asia, TFBO Franchise show, TRAFS Restaurants & Hotel show, Thailand Coffee Tea & Drink, ASEAN Logistics & Warehouse etc. 

As a market leader in many industries in Thailand, Kavin Intertrade provides a dynamic platform for local and international businesses to connect with their intended visitors and strive to connect, educate and strengthen business communities around the world.  The company creates energetic, educational and invigorating environments where business goals are achieved without geographic boundaries and the events provide quality sales leads, a high return on investment for exhibitors and an exciting, memorable experience for visitors.


The sales and marketing opportunities created utilizing our events as a platform are endless; including public relations, traditional media, advertising, electronic communications, social media, word of mouth and meeting new customers face to face.

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The Pet Industry of the Future in South-East Asia VNU is building bridges to bring a world-class exhibition to Bangkok

Bangkok-Shanghai (13 December 2019)

South-East Asia is constructing the first international business hub for the pet industry in 2020. Today’s pet industry is making a more concerted effort than ever to bring global expertise and brands to South-East Asia. VNU Exhibitions Asia (Shanghai) and VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific in Bangkok is starting a new-joint venture to build bridges to link the world, especially China, and South-East Asia more closely and also to bring a world-class exhibition, Pet Fair Asia to Bangkok in October 2020, under the name ‘Pet Fair SE Asia 2020’ which will be held on October 14-16, 20 20 at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand.

13 December is the day for the official announcement of this exhibition and of ‘PET X Talk’ by inviting people in the industry to talk on the topic ‘How today’s leaders envision the future trends in Asia’ in many fields of the business including ‘Pet Retail is Evolving’ with information by Mr. Viroj Limtrajitt, Marketing Director of the Pet Lover Centre, Thailand; ‘Pet Hospitals, State of the Art Service’ with information by Dr. Kitika, Founder and CEO of Thonglor Pet Hospital Group, Thailand; ‘World Pet Food Trends in South-East Asia’ with information by Mr. Rik van Westendorp, CFO of Monchou Pet Food, Thailand, and ‘US Market Leads Global Developments’ with information from Mr. Matt Einarson, Regional Director South East Asia, Alltech Asia-Pacific, United States. Moreover, there is also an opening speech by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Niwat Chansiripornchai,  President of Thai Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (TAVLD), Lecturer, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University who will be joined by the organizers to welcome and open this official press conference at Mercure Bangkok, Thailand.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Niwat Chansiripornchai,  President of Thai Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (TAVLD) and Lecturer, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University

Pet Fair South-East Asia will be a global initiative, driving change in the pet industry with the support of many launch partners, including leading global brands and institutions. Organized by VNU, known as organizers of VIV Asia and the Pet Fair Asia trade shows, Pet Fair South-East Asia will do its utmost to bring innovative leadership to the region. Supported by 21 regional associations, media partners, and the Asia Pet Alliance, Pet Fair South-East Asia will take place on October 14 to 16, 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand.  

Pet Fair South-East Asia will be a unique business-to-business trade-fair connecting existing networks and driving innovation downstream to pet owners. The exhibition will cover pet food brands, pet food ingredients, pet health, pet healthcare, pet supplies, pet accessories and services. This is a unique trade show exhibition in Thailand, which will be focused on business-to-business by linking and matchmaking traders and buyers for business purposes. Pet Fair South-East Asia will use its global network to connect overseas markets to South-East Asia. A world-class conference focusing on pet health, novelty ingredients and business trends will take place along with the show, inspiring entrepreneurs from the region and beyond in new directions.

The Visions of Industry People

Mr. Manuel Madani, Project Manager of VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.

Mr. Manuel Madani, Project Manager of VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.:

“In 2030 the pet business will grow to 20 billion USD. The revolution starts today. Added value! We tend to forget this at times before competition emerges. The difference between the cost price and the final customer experience is what makes this better.

Pet shop, the pet parent and the pet! The final experience creates happy people and worthwhile sharing in their own communities. In new markets like the pet industry, it’s important that competition in a free market makes things better. This will start by better-performing pet shops sharing great stories and products with customers. Today 70% of the shops lack innovation, and e-commerce is cannibalizing business with up to 15% growth. This is a wakeup call to act. Pet Fair SEA will be about pet businesses becoming better continuously by offering greater care to pet owners. New markets must always avoid selling products at the lowest prices. This industry is about beloved family members: pets!” A few examples that Pet Fair SEA features include the world’s best brands who offer the best nutrition with the most novel ingredients, like insect protein, omega, supplements, and even CBD (USA). Non-food suppliers offer a digitalized world for dogs and cats with in-home sensors and robotics, looking after beloved dogs and cats while the owners are away. North-American and European brands will be showcasing innovations for the first time in ASEAN”

Mr. Matt Einarson, Regional Director South East Asia of Alltech Asia-Pacific, United States

Mr. Matt Einarson, Regional Director South East Asia of Alltech Asia-Pacific, United States

“At the Alltech Center for Nutrigenomics and Applied Animal Nutrition, scientists are making breakthroughs that can be taken from the barnyard to the backyard. Alltech is at the forefront of the latest scientific research that could help our pets live longer and have healthier lives. In order to live their lives to the best, pets require the right nutrition, care, exercise and attention. While technology will never replace a cat curled up in her owner’s lap or a devoted canine companion lying at his owner’s feet, it can simplify life with pets in several ways from nutrition to smart cameras.”

Mr. Viroj Limtrajitt, Marketing Director of Pet Lover Centre, Thailand.

Mr. Viroj Limtrajitt, Marketing Director of Pet Lover Centre, Thailand

“Thailand macro has been forced to reshape the pet care business, which has changed from “Pet Lovers” to “Pet Parents”. From 2019 -2025, rapid urbanization, the growth of e-commerce and a greying population are the key factors to accelerate the pet sector boom.

However, retailers need to upgrade from economy and mid-price to premium products for both food and non-food items to encourage pet owners to spend more and enjoy better quality. Creating a good customer experience in click and brick-and-mortar businesses will allow pet owners to incorporate both online and offline channels.

The Pet Lovers Centre and The Pet Safari has been open in Thailand market for over 7 years. The pet care market is very healthy in terms of growth and is a promising market that will continue to grow for decades.”

Mr. Rik van Westendorp, CFO of Monchou Pet Food, Thailand

Mr. Rik van Westendorp, CFO of Monchou Pet Food, Thailand

“The pet industry in Thailand was worth $2.8 billion in 2018 and is expected to continuously grow at a 10-15% rate per year. Pet food is the largest segment in the pet industry in Thailand and makes up 45% of the industry’s value. At Asian Alliance International, premium brand Monchou considers pets important members of the family and thus produces quality pet food using premium ingredients such as 100% human grade cuts of tuna meat.

According to the International Trade Centre (ITC), Thailand is the world’s fourth largest pet food exporter, with a total export value of 35.5 billion baht in 2016. Export value in terms of price and quantity has grown at an 11% annual rate since 2011. Although Japan remains one of Thailand’s top pet food export destinations, in recent years it has also exported products to the US and Italy, which have also recorded impressive annual growth rates of 15% and 8%, respectively since 2011 as these countries are home to the largest number of pets globally.”

Dr. Kitika C.Patanakul, D.V.M Chief Executive Officer, Thonglor International Pet Hospital, Thailand

Dr. Kitika C.Patanakul, D.V.M Chief Executive Officer, Thonglor International Pet Hospital, Thailand

“In terms of service, Thonglor Pet Hospital has launched “Customer Delight” to enable operational effectiveness and to give them a competitive advantage. They are determined to bring proficiency and empathy to the system in order to enhance customer satisfaction and value. Moreover, one of the company’s top priorities is to constantly improve their veterinarians’ learning, development, and career advancement. Thonglor Pet Hospital is the first pet hospital in Thailand to establish a study abroad program for veterinarians. Every year they provide scholarships and send their veterinarians to develop their skill sets and update their knowledge of advanced technology.”

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